Specializing In...

Time Management:  I help my clients to become more effective and efficient in how they spend and invest their time.

Organizational Skills:  I provide my clients with the tools they need to develop systems for their personal and professional resources.

Work/Family Balance:  By focusing on what is most important, I assist my clients in developing action plans to find a balance between success at work and success at home.

Life-Altering Medical Issues and Diagnoses:  I walk alongside my clients during health challenges to regroup and create a new plan for continued success.


Academic Success:  Drawing from my experience as an educator, I help my student clients set and reach goals, as well as to navigate transitions.

Leadership Development:  In both professional and personal realms, I provide my clients with the tools they need to take the next step forward in becoming the leader they aspire to be.

Public Speaking:  Surveys indicate many people are more fearful of public speaking than death.  I share my knowledge, skills, and experience with my clients to help them push past those fears and thrive.