I Help People Reach Their Goals

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I work with clients who are interested in becoming more successful - in whatever form that takes...

  • I help other professionals create meaningful goals, develop action plans to achieve them, and turn those plans into reality.

  • I partner with business leaders and executives to identify and overcome obstacles to reach greater heights of success.

  • I collaborate with leaders to assist them in expanding their capacity to lead their teams.

  • I mentor students and student-athletes to increase their achievement in the classroom and in athletics.

  • I am a consultant to teachers, coaches, and principals to help them take their practice to the next level.

  • I assist successful people who have been affected by illness, disease, or disability to redefine what success is - and take the next steps to achieve it.

Are you a highly motivated individual who could benefit from powerful coaching?  

Are you stuck in a particular situation and in need of assistance to get moving again?  

Do you believe you could achieve breakthrough results if only you had a professional in your corner to guide you in creating a new blueprint for that kind of success?  


  • Associate Executive Life Coach, Coach Training EDU

  • Washington State Certified Principal

  • Washington State Certified Teacher


  • Executive Coach, Coach Training EDU

  • M. Education, Washington State University

  • B.A. Education, Eastern Washington University

  • B.S. History, Willamette University